From the Wards - 2018

A Ward - AGNI farewell at Abaca, Mahalaxmi to Mr. Gul Asrani - AGNI Coordinator for 12 years.

28 Apr 2018

High Tea at Abaca

Saturday afternoon, April 28, 2018 saw some AGNI-ites trot pass the Race Course to enter a narrow carriageway called Shakti Mills Lane. As they passed the foreboding walls of the old and defunct Shakti Mills on one side, they could see the changes brought about by Mumbai’s entrepreneurs on the left side. Shakti Mills lane epitomizes the two Bombay’s – the old of the Mills and the new of Mills and Boons!  Couples in casuals arriving in their expensive cars and walking into the exquisite showrooms were a constant sight.

AGNI-ites, a precious group but much under-valued in today’s Mumbai walked into one such exquisite showroom – Abaca. The High Tea was being hosted by Mr. Gul Asrani, owner of this high-end furniture and décor showroom as a farewell from his active position of AGNI Coordinator A Ward. As we passed by the tastefully displayed assorted furniture, one could not help but look with admiration at items which were of such fine design.

Ritika, Mr. Asrani’s daughter had thought of everything and this monthly meeting of AGNI Coordinators was emotional as we bade farewell to Mr. Gul Asrani, who had led the A Ward Joint Area Action Group (JAAG) for well over 12 years. A Citation of Honour was presented to him by Mr. Gerson da Cunha, Convenor and Trustee.

We remembered another friend, Mr. Cavas Gobhai, unwell but with our prayers and wishes, we hope will soon come around to visit us in Mumbai from Boston as he usually did twice a year.

The tea (and coffee) with snacks will be etched in our collective memories as eyes misted over and voices faltered to thank a man, who came as child from his beloved Sind and fell in love with our beautiful Mumbai.

- Austin Nazareth