AGNI - Action For Good Governance & Networking In India
  • Un-repaired Potholes

  • Uncollected Garbage

  • Rampant Illegal Hawking

  • Monsoon Flooding

About Agni

A Potholed Road, Uncollected Garbage, Illegal Hawkers, Flooding...
annoying, but each also a step towards a remedy.
Flagged properly and pursued correctly, each will get a solution, and enough solutions add up to a better working Municipality, or Police or Government department. Taken together, that’s better city governance.
How to flag a problem and pursue a solution?
How to form the essential partnership of the authorities and us?
That’s where AGNI comes in.
AGNI since 20 years, has been at the task of getting Mumbai to work better. It collects citizen numbers to interact with authorities.
AGNI is a band of committed volunteers.
Clearing choked drains to increasing voter turnouts...
AGNI is an acronym for Action for good Governance and Networking in India. The name spells out what we do, and have been doing for 20 years, from helping to clear choked drains to working for elections at Corporation, Assembly and Parliamentary levels.
AGNI networks citizens and citizen groups to create the numbers that no politics can ignore.
It has resisted politically motivated ‘Bandhs’ and got Court ordered fines of Rs. 20 lakhs each on the political parties responsible for a Mumbai Bandh. It is in Court again against those who had called a Bandh in January 2018.
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Election Watch
Citizen's Charter Of Demands 2024

Citizen's Charter Of Demands 2024

Swachh Mumbai Abhiyan

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Mumbai Meri Jaan

AGNI publishes a monthly newsletter “MUMBAI MERI JAAN”. The print edition and the e-Edition both reach out to over a lakh of citizens. This newsletter is given free of charge.

June 2024

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Good governance is critical, and Agni is lighting the way ahead report by Free Press Journal

28 May 2024

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