• Governance


  • Civic Governance
    Civic Governance

    Bulk of the quality of life of a citizen depends on civic services. Hence our activities are all based on Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai – garbage, sewerage, roads, water supply etc. AGNI has always been in touch with civic authorities both at head quarters as well as the ward level. We also interact with the Corporators.

  • State Governance
    State Governance

    As for state government is concerned it is mostly Police departments that AGNI interacts with both at head quarters as well as local level.

    At times we may have some interaction with the Urban development department of the State. We would also interact with the MLAs to ensure better services.

  • National Governance
    National Governance

    Here we are more interactive with the Election Commission of India at Delhi as well as at the State level. It is elections that bring voters and candidates and later elected representatives closer.