From the Wards - 2018

K East - Complaint regarding blocking of road & sound pollution in the presence of police personnel (Bhagwan Mahaveer Marg at JB Nagar in Andheri Police Station Jurisdiction)

13 May 2018

  1. On Sunday 13 May 2018 at around 1200 Hrs huge crowd of persons along with drums , vehicles and other public address systems had blocked Bhagwan Mahaveer Marg at JB Nagar in Andheri Police Station Jurisdiction and were playing drums and other organs at very high decibels.
  2. The also had blocked the said road and were not allowing vehicles to pass by and instructing them to take another route.
  3. Two police constables were also present along with the  crowd and were mute spectators to the going on and did not move a their limbs at all to ensure law and order.
  4. Seeing all the wrong doings going on I called up 100 No to complain about the same.
  5. Had given the complaint to 100 No at 1228 Hrs with Complaint No. CFS 22445417 and informed them about blocking of the road and the excessive sound pollution.
  6. At 1238 Hrs i got a call from No. 7021906262 asking about what had happened and what was the complaint about and where is the location.
  7. I informed him that this is about blocking of road for the procession and also about Noise Pollution.
  8. Then I received a call from No. 8652012828 Constable Mr Shivaji Patil at 1244 hrs who was one of the constable at the site and he wanted to know what had happened and I informed him that he is at the site itself and that you are well aware about what all is happening and then he said that he wants to meet me but i refused to meet him.
  9. He was requesting that if I am nearby he wants to meet me. I flatly refused.
  10. It is also pertinent to note that   Mr Subash Sawant ( a known criminal having many police cases to his head and also a person who was debarred by the elections commission for filing false caste certificate ) was leading this crowd without any heed to law and order nor motorist use of road for vehicular purposes or citizens need for silence.
  11. At around 2156 Hrs I got a call from a landline number wanting to get the information regarding the complaint that I had made on control and was the complaint helpful in stopping the points that I had mentioned in the complaint. 
  12. I informed the caller that it was of No use as the Police constables present on site were the main perpetrators of Law and Order.
  13. Post the complaint on Police Control I had gone on the road and had seen that that organizers Riddhi Siddhi Mandal has put up an illegal shamania near JB Nagar Jain Mandir.
  14. It was also noticed that the shamania was supplied by stealing electricity from the nearest street light electric pole.
  15. It is requested that the following information be supplied / emailed to me under Section 4 of RTI
    a. application copy put up by the organisers to Mumbai Police for permission.
    b. permit copy given by the organisers for conduct of the program.
    c. application copy put up to Mumbai Traffic Police for blocking of Bhagwan Mahaveer Marg.
    d. Permit copy given by Mumbai Traffic Police for blocking of Bhagwan Mahaveer Marg.
    e. Application copy put up by the organiser to MCGM for putting up the shamania.
    f. Permit copy given by MCGM for the Shamania.
    g. Application copy put up by the organisers for stealing electricity from street light pole.
    h. Permit copy given by R Infra for stealing of electricity from street light pole.
    i. Application copy put up by the organisers for placing of hoardings.
    j. Permit copy given by MCGM for placing of hoardings.
    k. order copy for the police personnel to be present at the site for the function.

  16. it is prayed :-
    a. Action be initiated u/s 217 , 218 & 219 of IPC against the 2 police constables who were present on the site and were not enforcing law and order.
    b. Action be initiated against the organizers for the u/m :-

    i. blocking of road & inconveniencing public.
    ii. noise pollution
    iii. putting up illegal shamania
    iv. putting up illegal hoardings
    v. stealing of electricity

    c. The organizers be black listed as habitual offenders.
    d. In future no MCGM / Police / Traffic Police permission to be accorded to the organisers Riddhi Siddhi Mandal.

  17. Video clips of the program will be provided during the investigation process.