From the Wards - 2018

R North - BMC Disaster Management Control Meeting

25 May 2018

BMC Disaster Management Control Meeting attended by AGNI's R/N CORDINATOR Willie Shirsat

BMC has Disaster Management  Cell at their BMC  new building 2nd floor. This meeting was chaired by DMC Shirsagar & Narvekar Chief of Disaster Management Control Cell. Many known NGOs attended

In year 1999 a Disaster Management Cell was set up at the Municipal Head Office with a specific aim of minimizing loss   of life and property due to any dangerous situation that might occur anywhere within jurisdiction of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. This Cell is required to co-ordinate between various aid agencies so as to provide quick and efficient medical services to victims by taking immediate and proper decisions. The Cell is well equipped with ultramodern facilities.

This Cell functions for 24 hours every day and throughout the year

The following types of complaints are registered in this Disaster Management Cell –

  1.  Minor and major mishaps
  2.  Landslides
  3.  Tree falling or unauthorized cutting of tree
  4.  Water logging
  5.  House collapse
  6.  Potholes on roads
  7.  Missing manhole covers
  8.  Fire
  9.  Short-circuits
  10.  Flooding
  11.  Earthquakes
  12.  Bomb-blast etc

As per the recommendations made by a Fact Finding Committee, 35 rain gauges along with weather stations were established at Fire Brigade Stations and some important locations, which are now connected by WAN connection due to which data of rainfall within 15 minutes span is made available after every 15 minutes on during the monsoons.

Central Complaint Registration System:

The complaints can be made on 1916. The civic complaints are registered on the system; a complaint number is conveyed to the complainant and sent to the respective ward.  

Emergency Support Function (ESF):

The disaster management unit has introduced the Emergency Support Function concept and is implemented in the current monsoons. The ESFs provide the coordination mechanisms among the various agencies. They provide the organization and process to plan, manage and coordinate specific response and preparedness activities common to any hazardous event that can result in the emergency, Emergency Operations Centre.

Willie Shirsat (AGNI) informed DMC that Emergency Mock Drill need to be conducted in wards, as it was done in our R/N earlier

We were told to communicate the name for Nodal Officer of ward who will be responsible for all communications from ward

Chief Disaster Management Control officer Mr. Narvekar contact number is 22624240